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Notes on Design: Invitation Inspiration

Notes on Design: Invitation Inspiration

Invitations are the first impression for your guests and often something that people save forever. It is a symbol of your personal taste and style. Below are some design trends that we love and wanted to share.


1. Mix Up Your Mediums

A great invitation is not only judged by its looks. How it feels is equally as important. By incorporating different paper stocks and printing methods, you can achieve a really dynamic experience. Also, adding little touches like this custom printed ribbon makes it feel like the guest is opening a gift.

 Design by  Dan Elliott

Design by Dan Elliott

2. Make It Interactive

A sense of whimsy can make your invitation that much more special. In this example, guests can create their own figurines from the invitation.

3. Let Your Personality Come Through

Invitations can set the stage for the vibe of the event. In this case, Tendr co-founder, Spencer Bagley, and his wife chose to throw a very casual backyard barbecue. In light of that, they decided to have very traditional invitations printed and then have irreverent and fun graphics silkscreened over. 

Notes on Design: How to Choose Your Calligraphy Style

Notes on Design: How to Choose Your Calligraphy Style